Animal Abuse

December 3, 2010
By greenanimal BRONZE, Evanston, Wyoming
greenanimal BRONZE, Evanston, Wyoming
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Poor Harley. Poor dog. Harley has been a family dog all his life. Then all of a sudden when the owner got remarried Harley was thrown out on a chain without family contact. I wonder if he's often confused. What's he feeling inside right now? Is this a case of animal abuse? I'd say so. We NEED to stop animal abuse.

Animal cruelty is found in a lot of places. According to the Humane society of the U.S Puppy mills in Missouri are abandoning pups in need for help. The Hunte Corporation revealed that one facility alone has been dumping as much as 220 pounds of puppies per year. That could lead up to 1000 pounds of dying pups per year. If you want more information go to Now isn't that depressing? That's what I thought... depressing. Another puppy mill in north Texas town of Bowie, rescuers found disastrous living conditions. Kennels with 12-15 dogs in each without water. Many of the dogs were suffering from advanced debilitating/ skin AND eye infections, major health conditions. When a vet examined all animals everyone had at least 1 thing wrong with it. For more info got to

My aunts dog was clearly a nice animal. Her name was Pandy. Pandy was a doberman pintcher. Pandy loved playing with the children and the children loved playing with her. Apparently, one of the neighbors didn't like Pandy. So one night when my aunt went to sleep one of the neighbors broke in and poisoned the dog, when my aunt woke up the next day the Pandy was dead. Pretty depressing huh.

Now the thing is, I don't get why people hurt animals. Whether it's because the owner doesn’t like the animal, or even if he is trying to teach the animal. That's not the way to treat it, because when you abuse the animal constantly it gets confused and doesn’t know how to act so, it just acts exactly the way that that owner treated it. We need to find other solutions other than cruelty.

Those of you who like to abuse animals because “you're teaching it”. No, that shouldn't be a first hand solution. People we can take the animals to pet trainers. Hay those who don't want the pet don't get it in the first place, but those who have bought the animal and has now gotten bored with the animal then sell the animal to someone nice. On the off chance that doesn’t work give the pet to an adoption center. That way your cute little animal doesn’t end up ether dead or in pain 24/7.

Those of you sicko's out there so need to stop sexually abusing your animals. No offense but that's just gross. According to another article on the website there was a Landlord found sexually abusing his dog. When the people in the hotel found out they were threatened by the landlord. But when this happened a second time they couldn't let it go on any longer. The dog was examined and the report showed that their were signs of trauma AND leg injuries most likely from being restrained.

I might not know as much as the rest of you people out there, but I do know this, stopping animal cruelty is critical. I do admit that when my dog gets into the trash I stick her nose in the trash can and smack her bottom. But I don't beat her constantly. Those who sexually harass their animals, sorry but that is just not right. Thinking about that just makes me want to vomit. Puppy mills need to clean up their act still no offense but that is just not the way to treat any animal. How many parents starve their kids, no food, no water? I'm serious how many parents treat their kids like that? Parents who don't feed or give their kids water are just like those who don't take care of their animals. Now I leave you with a thought. How many people does it take to stop animal cruelty?

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