how are pets being treated

December 3, 2010
By darkchild BRONZE, Evanston, Wyoming
darkchild BRONZE, Evanston, Wyoming
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How are we treating pets?
Pets are being thrown, hit, miss treated, and miss fed. There on the streets dirty in the slums with old dried blood on the feet, legs, face almost all around. Sure it could be coming from fights they get in with other animals out on the street like the wild life. It could also be coming from their owners or maybe from neglect making the pet fend for its self out on the streets. We need to treat pets better.
Animals that are on the street that have their rib cage showing is a sign of neglect miss fed. It's probably from staying in the streets so long? Pets that you see being waked that are limping looks in pain theirs probably something wrong. Like some thing could be happening that you don’t know about. Things happening at the home of the pet or on the streets every time the pet is let out. Pets that are miss fed are dieing painfully and slowly. Its worse than being hit because they feel the pain and it takes a long time for it to finally die from hunger.
People that are having problems at home, work, places that cause stress are usually the ones that hurt their pets. Stress makes people do things that they don’t actually think about until later. People that have trouble with their life tend to take out their anger at some one that only wants to help who only wants to get close and care for them like they have for them. But people that are angry don’t want any thing to do with them. If the pet tries hard to help, than the owner might push back a little to hard and hurt the pet. Instead of just making the pet go away so the owner can be alone that push could lead to another or even worse a hit screaming yelling that they don’t need any help from some stupid mutt animal all the names that you would usually call an animal that’s on the streets. Soon they start that they don’t understand anything about them. That’s where most of the abuse meant comes from its not just for fun or anything its because of the problems in peoples lives
I’ve moved around a lot and everywhere I go I always seem to see house pets roaming around the streets. Out on lawns, on main roads, and side walks and every time I look at them it seems like their looking for something. Pets that are walking any where that are wandering aimlessly looking for someplace that they belong. Their looking for some other owner that won’t miss treat them someone that won’t neglect them. Neglect is bad almost as bad as not feeding a pet in your own home but at least its warm right? Now pets that are beaten that’s worse than being on the streets because if their on the streets than their away from the person that’s beating them so pets being on the street is in the middle of not being fed and being beaten negligence and abuse. I’ve seen many dogs wandering on a busy road before and was almost being an inch away hitting the dog it was just lucky the car stopped but at the time I thought the dog was going to bite me and attack me but instead when the dog got to the side of the road I was on the dog just looked at me and I looked right back at it had something in its eye I don’t mean like a rock or anything it had a tear in its eye when I looked at the rest of it was covered in dirt

and mud it looked like its been out on the streets for a week or so I didn’t know what to
say. I never wanted to see another sight like that ever again but I knew some day I would again.

I don’t know what to do or say to make people stop treating pets badly. All I can do is write this paper and say that doing those things to pets should be enforced because it’s wrong. But of cores it is your choice to treat pets the way you already do I mean it’s not my pet I’m the kid whose just telling you that treating pets is not a good thing to make a habit of. Now I wonder how many people will stop treating pets badly after reading this paper? I really hope it makes a difference. I could be alone on this but maybe not but I still think we need to treat pets better.

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