The Growing Plague of Homework

October 26, 2007
Homework is becoming a big problem for kids. Now lots of schools are giving massive amounts of homework to their students. For example in 1981 sixth graders had an average of 85 minutes per week. In 1997 sixth graders had an increased average of 134 minutes of homework per week. It increased more than 50% over a course of 16 years according to Also teacher don’t always talk to each other when assigning homework, so students can have lots of home work in all classes.
Kids have always had homework, but on top of sports like hockey, baseball, and many others after school activities, it gets very stressful. It is also taking away a lot of time for kid just to be kids. All this homework is just taking up a lot of my time when I go home. I don’t all ways have a lot of time to hang out with friends. All I do is homework, homework, homework.
Occasionally, getting all your homework done means staying up very late to do it.
This can make a student very overtired for school the next day. So a kid has trouble under standing and paying attention to teachers. This can also affect the way kids do their work

Some people might say oh it’s good for kids to have the extra work or they don’t get enough done in school. But a lot of these people don’t have kids and don’t know what it’s like when their kids are under stress from all the homework. Being under stress because you have so much homework makes your life very boring. But still we get a lot of work done in school and some teachers give us homework to keep us occupied. This might be because they want torture us or they think we need the work. All in all, different people have different opinions on how much homework students should get but I still think we have too much.

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