December 3, 2010
By rbcclhbr BRONZE, Mesa, Arizona
rbcclhbr BRONZE, Mesa, Arizona
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If Euthanasia is included in our culture, ‘Life will not be cherished, and death will become cheap’. Euthanasia should not be permitted in the United States. It disastrously effects doctors, ends lives early, and is not morally right.

First, euthanasia effects doctors disastrously. Often doctors remain unscathed after performing euthanasia, but others have less luck. For example, Jack Kevorkian, also known as Dr. Death, helped kill around 150 patients, most of which were not terminally ill. Euthanasia is “an invitation to other individuals whose fascination lays as much or more with death itself rather than with a patient’s best interests”.

Next, Euthanasia ends life early. As in many cases involving Euthanasia, a life was cut short. A 54 year old woman was diagnosed with Alziemers soon after, she found a way out of a longer death through Euthanasia. Unfortunately, she was euthanized before the disease had taken a toll on her.

Last, Euthanasia is not morally right. For nearly 2,400 years a moral code called the Hypocratic Oath has stated that “I will neither give no deadly drug to anybody if asked for it, nor will I make a suggestion to that effect.” The Oath was created to keep doctors up to the standards the world expects, the Oath hac been working for thousands of years, so why give up on it now? So, cherish life, look at death as expensive and who knows, maybe someday we can stop the idea of Euthanasia!

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