Animal Testing

December 3, 2010
By Anonymous

Put yourself in their shoes. You are small, weak. You’re lying on a hard, metal table with a large florescent light seizing your vision into a blurry fog. You see a faint shadow of a person in a white lab coat holding a long needle up to your face. Too weak to move, you prepare yourself for the endless pain you just never get used to. Whether you are a rat or a dog, animal testing is wrong. This could kill them. Is that how you want your pets to die?

For years, animals have spent locked up in small cages filled with many other animals. If these animals were let go and sent to a shelter to take much better care of them, you wouldn’t have so many outbursts of fury not only because of the shelter they must live in now, but the fact that animals could die from that problem of being tightly crammed in a small amount of space. Animals belong in a healthy environment.

It’s hard to provide resources for animals when they’re locked up in captivity. There is a variety of other animal species in there and not all of them could eat the same thing a cat or a dog would eat. It might be fatal for some too. But if the animals are let go, scientists could spend their money and time on necessities. The scientists might actually come up with cures for diseases quicker because there is more time on their hands to spend it on.

As everyone know, murder is wrong. It’s a terrible thing to do to someone and to put there loved ones through that kind of pain. Although the animals don’t really have a family in testing labs, they are living creatures and don’t deserve to die in that way. If, instead of animals, you scientists tested on a plant first, you’ll save many lives. And plants are easier to take care of rather an animal.

If people go to jail for abusing animals, why haven’t some scientists seen bars yet? Abusers beat, neglect, and possibly kill their animals. You guys neglect and kill your animals. So, the next time you go to the doctor to ask for a prescription bottle, be sure to ask them to add how many animals have died in the process of making this product.

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