To Save The World

December 2, 2010
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Have you ever seen those commercials on TV that are asking us for donations? The one with the children who have cancer, or the ones with the abused animals. These commercials ask for our help, but I’ve never thought that if we were to send them the money, they would use it all for the cause. No one really knows what they do except for the people in the business. I still don’t trust them though it still feels like a scam of some sort.

I still think that we should donate though, just not always money. Except for the people who are wealthy enough and able to, and whose money wouldn’t be a huge loss to them. Others, who are not so wealthy, could donate clothes, food, toys for children, and even time for the less fortunate. We don’t really need all of the things we have, and it would go to a good cause. Most of the electronics we have, we don’t even use after the batteries run out. Sometimes people throw out something that someone else can use just because it would take to much time to get it to them, or because it is old to them.
If we could get other people to donate to the charities, or to their favorite cause, we could make a better life for the future generations. Maybe we could start to change and introduce a new world of compassion, understanding and helping people.

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