Life is no joke

December 1, 2010
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Life is important without it nothing is possible we could not do anything could not live. We could not see, talk, eat, sleep, play, and other things. We would be nothings floating around not being able to do anything. But when we have life we can do everything it is the most valuable thing we have it does not matter if you have all the best things will not bring you happiness at the end, but if you have normal things you have friends to make you happy. If you rich people will pretend to be your friend to get money, fame, and other things. Still life is not video game no 1up green mushrooms around to save your life. Ounce your dead your gone you will be remembered but you will not come back to life. You either go to heaven or hell. Don’t live your life like a bad person. Be good, happy, and energetic. Don’t control others lives because you had a bad life or something like that. Make them happy. Cherish your life like money or your favorite things don’t waste it like nothing.

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