December 1, 2010
By Anonymous

I believe that friends should be very important to people because they are the people you can go to talk to about anything without the fear of them telling anyone and wont yell at you like your parents would if you told them some of the stuff you tell your friends.

Also some of the friends you are close to and have known for a long time that can help you with school like if you need their help to study on a big test to pass your class. Also they can help you with family issues like helping you if your parents got divorced, someone has passed away or, your parents and or siblings annoy you. If they are trustworthy enough to you which can really help you mentally with dealing those problems.
Another reason friends are good is because they can help you feel better when you get hurt, scared or, sad. For example my best friend was the first who got me to smile when my dog got lymphoma and I had to put her to sleep when she was only 10 years old.

So, I think friends are important In many situations and help you through life as each one of them come and go the closest ones will always be there which will most likely be the ones you can always depend on to always be there for you in the end.

The author's comments:
i love my friends.

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