Soundless Music

November 24, 2010
Faces are faces. They come and they go and they are all alike . . . all have the same distantly recognizable features in them. Each have there own mark yes, but each is a reincarnation of the one next to them. Soundless music is not the way the wind rushes in your ears and its so faint you call it soundless. Soundless music isn't the way nothing sounds; its the sound of everything coming together in a stupendous endless, timeless blur. It the sound that you hear every day when you walk on the streets or in the halls , it's the mummer of the people and the blended music we create with instruments, its the way we hear all that come together, that we never hear it. It surrounds us and we gently dismiss it as nothing. and that is why it is soundless music. we never hear the sound unless we truly listen, and when we do we still have no name for It because it is everything anything that has ever been and will ever be. Someone once told me that an exploding star takes about a billion years to reach us before we finally see it, and that makes me think; even thought the past is already gone and done and happened . It will still take a plentiful amount of years before it reaches us. So therefor when we listen, we will not here the present but the past and later we will hear the pasts' present. soundless music.

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