Three Things

January 7, 2008
By Stephanie Thompson, Verona, NY

When you write something, you think about three things. The first being, was it worth it? Was it worth the time and thought you put into it? The second thing you think is, will anyone else ever read it? Or will it only be for you. The third and final thing you tihnk is, will it reach out to someone else? Our society is so wrapped up in excitment, weither it may be humor, romance, or horror, our movies and books have shanged. When we go see a movie or read a book we don't go in hopes of learning a life long lesson. We want to be entertained. It is hard to have something written from your heart with true meaning to be listened to patiently by the people of America. So those truly amazing messages can never reach out and touch anyone without money involved. Giving the people what they want is key, but can't the lesson's taught in some movies be more... pure?

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