New Year's Vacation for Students

January 4, 2008
By Zoe Kaplan, New City, NY

It is the second of January 2008, and although it is so early in the year, many students are already back in school. Is this too early in the year, too soon after the New Year has begun? Many students feel this way. The New Year is a time to spend with family and friends, and by going to school so soon, when are we supposed to do this? If there is a time limit on winter vacation, just change the dates; make it start later in the year, but end at least on the third or fourth. We don’t want to spend the first days of the New Year doing work and waking up early! No! We want to celebrate, and although it is fun to learn, we may not get to if this continues. When we are older, yes we may have to go back to work the day after New Years, so why not let us enjoy ourselves now?!?

How do we solve this debate, you may ask? Hold a board meeting, have a debate, create a petition, anything that will catch your school board’s attention. They will respect you for taking some action, and that may contribute to the end result of your possible success. Even if you are not successful, the board will take into account, and they might even make slight changes, depending on where you live and what your state laws are.

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