The License Dispute

December 23, 2007
By Scott Carter, Mesa, AZ

Just think of the various cars piled up on the streets because too many inexperienced toddlers are driving carelessly throughout the city. This is not how the law should be in Arizona. The bill requiring a person to earn a high school diploma before he or she could receive a driver’s license should be passed because he or she is too young and must focus on his or her education.

A person is too young to receive his or her driver’s license when he or she hasn’t even finished high school. His or her inexperience in everything would create a problem when driving around in a world of distractions and inattentiveness. Immature children will become bored on the road and think of ways to entertain themselves by listening to hardcore rock or by looking away from the road. Naïve students are the main reason why this bill should be passed.

Education could become a secondary concern when students start driving. Sure, they could drive themselves to school, but if they accidentally crash on the way it will only hinder their learning experience. They will study for their driving exam so they can ace it instead of their calculus test, reducing their grade. Passing this bill will encourage education, and students will earn better grade point averages.

The bill should, therefore, be passed before we end up disputing over it forever, solving absolutely nothing. There are no negative effects by passing this bill, and it will actually assist the next generation of kids for the rest of their lives and for their community.

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