2008 Election and What It Means to You

December 22, 2007
Most people think that teens don’t care about the future of America and some of us don’t care. Most of us have no idea who’s running for president and most of us can’t vote .anyway. Those of us who can don’t vote. But I’m telling you, it matters more to us than we know. The teens that can drive this election matters to you because if you want the keys to the car, you have to make sure that can pay the gas bill. If you already work at the local mall, you might have to work even longer. Before you know it, you have a domino affect and there goes your social life. Those of you who have moms or dads in Iraq, you know that this election could decide on how many times they have to go back or if they ever come home. If you don’t know who’s running, I have one piece of advice: GET EDUCATED and QUICK. As boring at it may seems, the news will help you learn about them. Those of you who love animals and the environment, this means a lot to you. The candidates have plans to save both of those very important causes. But it’s up to us and the adults to elect the person we think in our one special way is the best. I know what you’re thinking: what can I do and how to I voice my option? Well, those of you who know or have a youtube site visit the candidate’s page and chat with other teens about the issues. You will be glad you did. Those of you can vote, please do. You should be thankful. If you’re like most of Americans and say you don’t have the time, all I have to say is make time. If you still don’t know who to vote for, make a list of all the things that matter to you and which candidate’s views address all your biggest issues and then you’ll know. I hope this article makes you to look at political process with a new light and how much it should matter to you I know it matter’s to me.

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