Rebel Treatise

December 21, 2007
By Jamie Applegate, Coalinga, CA

Isn't there something greater, more important out there in that great big world of ours? Isn't there something better, perhaps even more majestic calling? Something possibly urging us to change the world? I may be writing from the outposts of suburbia, but even here I can sense static potential in the air. Like summer lightening connecting with my nerves, change is in the air, or, at least, the potential for change. Even in a little burg like mine, a select few realize we need a change. I've written on this idea before. I've rehashed it a million times, attempting to find out how it can be achieved. I'm trying not to preach, but it seems as if the last words from every news reporter's lips lately have had something to do with young people in revolt. I have watched a weary and tattered reporter standing on a rooftop in Paris, telling me that 50,000 are in the streets, protesting, demanding economic reform from a new president who happens to be the very Economic Director that created the chaos to begin with. I have watched Fox News envoys cheerfully screaming from Venezuela, trying to be heard over 700,000 anti-Chavez protestors marching in the streets even though they risk being shot. I have watched a CNN report about Cuba, where young people were jailed by the dozen for wearing a pure white bracelet reading simply, "Cambio." Translated, this means "Change." In Tehran, Iran they march by the dozens realizing the danger. The faces in the crowds are young, fresh and determined. My question is why are they doing this and not us? Why aren't we our country's hope? We have seen that young people can change the world and we who need to enact change the most aren't doing anything. We're the ones engaged in a hopeless war. We're the ones who are stuck in a no future situation of business suits and stock market screams like a fly in a web. We're the ones facing the worst threat in 40 years. We're the ones with a new Vietnam on our hands. It's teenage bodies fueling the war machine and it's teenage bodies falling at the front lines. Whatever happened to the spirit of teenage rebellion? I will not preach. I will simply say this: Look at the world around you. Can't you see that revolution is in the air?

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