Don’t Depend on Others

December 17, 2007
By chelsea mastin, Nicholasville, KY

What do you do when people that you give money runs off and you never hear from them again? All you wanted was a simple meal at DQ and they are gone with your $20. I believe that you can’t depend on others only yourself.
My mom has had a few boyfriends in her past and it seems like everyone of them have taken advantage of the fact that she is to nice. Chad, my brother and sisters dad was given the responsibility to pay the rent. He told my mom “Quit your job, and spend time with the kids at home and I will pay the rent” only because his job payed a lot. So gullible her did what he said. The day that he got his paycheck he was gone. My mom depended on him and he left us in the dust with nowhere to stay. He is now somewhere in Lexington. Where he lives with his mom at the Catalina Inn (his mom owns).
I take medication for depression, efxor or pronounced effexor. Well I forgot to take it one day when I knew I was the only person that’s responsibility to take it. Sometimes my boyfriend will ask me, “Baby have you taken your medicine today?” I don’t get reminded to like it was in the hospital I went to “The Ridge” (the worst place ever). Well I got really lightheaded and dizzy, I basically freaked out and was bawling over everything. I was with my friends, Kendric, Justin, and my boyfriend Ronnie who I think is the greatest person alive and I love with all of my heart. I cried my eyes out over anything and everything, even a pickle! I’m serious, a van holten pickle in the plastic little bags! Yum! I wanted one so bad so I cried to Scotty and everyone so he would take me to buy me one. So he was a good friend and drove me to a gas station and Justin bought me one but the thing was that they were out of the regulars and only had the spicy ones. So I told the person at the gas station that he was a liar and I knew he had some in the back and I had to settle for the hot one. It burned my mouth so bad and I felt so sick afterwards. Then I shoved the rest in Kendric’s mouth. Ha ha.
Teachers can’t force you to learn, you have to want to. They can’t make your mind stay on track, unfortunately we don’t have that kind of technology. It’s your responsibility to get the material that you need for collage and life. You will be lost if you don’t pay attention. If you don’t do school you will fail at life.
Don’t ever forget to take your medication or you will be in a lot of trouble, its horrible!

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