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December 15, 2007
"Hi, you have reached my voicemail. I am not here to take your call but if you leave me a message, I'll get back to you."

This is the message often heard when calling friends because they're too busy text messaging. Text messaging, the latest fad of teenagers, is not important and not needed.

Have you ever heard of picking up a phone to ask a simple question? Text messaging is beyond evil. It is so annoying to feel the vibration of the phone on your leg when taking that already dreadful geometry test.

Just the other day my friend texted me and asked where to pick up a copy of The Sun Chronicle, (she was collecting World Series articles). I thought it was hilarious and called her to say any store in Attleboro. What I honestly hate about text messaging is when my manager from my place of employment text messages me and asks me about something or when I can come into work.

Text messaging will be the downfall of Western civilization. It's 20 times worse than AOL Instant Messenger. Phones are for SPEAKING, not writing. The only letters you should be typing are if they are in phone numbers, as in 1-800-MATTRESS.

It also gives people an excuse to type and speak worse than they did before. It is justification for poor grammar and misspelled words. Pretty soon it spills over into everyday speech and I want to slam my head in a drawer because of what a person is saying. Pretty soon the English language will be no more than a random series of letters. It becomes difficult to have conversations in person with people because they are texting instead of paying attention to you.

It is also difficult to tell what mood people are in through texts because you are not able to see their facial expressions or hear their voice. It is also sometimes tough to tell when people are being sarcastic. You may think someone is angry at you when they are actually excited about something. This could start an argument if you do not understand the mood the person is in.

Children start having cell phones at very young ages, before they can even spell. They are then stuck in the cell phone/texting trap for life.

Texting is a disruption to the public education process, and cell phones are already banned in most schools across the state.

Though text messaging can often be easier and savvier, it is often not appropriate.

Texting really isn't all that convenient either. It can cost a lot of money when texting people who don't want to be texted. Some people pay up to 25 cents per message and that includes incoming and outgoing messages.

Almost everyone text messages, but is it necessary? It's often safe to say students would be completely fine with an absolute disregard for text-messaging. I have completely removed text messaging from my wireless phone bill. Sorry, you can call, but not text.

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