Different Styles

December 14, 2007
Walking into the school there’s doors on your left, doors to students who on their free time like to dress up with the make-up, costumes, and props. The “drama kids.” Going straight passed these doors and past the office, you will see a few kids who sit alone on the floor, headsets on, writing in their notebook. I never can figure out what’s written inside of them, but I wonder. The “loners.”

Once you pass them comes chairs set up to form a circle. Sitting inside are all sorts of different looking people going for the same style. They wear tight pants, dark colored clothes, funky hair styles. With each person is their own trade mark such as a jean jacket with spikes or purple colored shoes. You can always find them with skateboards or a hacky sack. The “skaters.”
After, you will see tables set up in a nice and orderly fashion of a 5x7 set-up. With this arrangement, you will see an order to the way the students sit at each table. Each day the tables are set up the same, each day the students sit at the same table. You will find the kids in tie-dyes, long hair, and earth toned colored pants. The “hippies.”
The girls, who wear the clothes you see on TV, make their faces into paintings and their hair works of art. The “preps.” The girls and guys who wear clothes you might consider wearing to bed, sweat pants, athletic shorts, hair in a pony tail and a t-shirt they got from one of their sporting events. The “jocks.”
On the other side of the lunch room there are people sitting with their faces covered in books and pressing their glasses higher up on their nose. The “brainiacs.”
They’re kids who have their hair in front of their eyes covering themselves completely from the rest of the world and mopping around. The “emos.”
Skaters, goths, jocks, preps, brainiacs, emos or nerds are automatic judgment towards these styles of people, when in reality style is all it is. If we could look at these people and see nothing more then their faces we would know them as people, students, and possible friends. If we looked at these people with just their faces, we could go up to every single one and find similarities, likes, dislikes, favorites, or worst’s. Everywhere in the world there are cliques. It’s something that everyone believes they aren’t apart of when in reality their just another one trapped from the rest of us. Each day we should try branching out to new styles of people just to prove to ourselves that people are people, styles are styles, and friendships can be created between two different people with Different styles.

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