Downfalls of the Older Generation

December 14, 2007
Santa won’t be saying Ho Ho Ho this year in some places, he’ll be saying Ha Ha Ha. This is part of a new controversy that states some women are offended by the terminology, saying it’s sexist. I’m sure that was exactly what the dutch were thinking when the idea of Santa Claus came to America.

I think this outcry is just one of the many downfalls the new older generation is having. A sign on the street offends somebody to the point of verbal abuse but a child who experiences malnutrition because his or her parents can’t afford food doesn’t shake their bones. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one for offensive or insulting towards others, but people are forgetting what to really care about. To the excessive complaining American, charities are merely becoming hassle programs just designed to clean out your wallet. Although when a person says an offending word to someone it starts more controversy than millions dying from a hurricane.
Another change has been in parents. Childhood is lost and the child prodigy was born. A game can’t be approved unless it guarantees genius. Playing outside won’t produce anything, it won’t make your child a millionare, even though important cognitive learning occurs when children play. After recently just watching A Christmas Story I was surprised when the mother of the main character, ralphy, calls another mother and tells on her son. The reaction was the boy was spanked over the phone; you could here the mother yelling at her son in the back round. What has changed about that in times was instead of the mother yelling at the son, now parents are defending their children, as if they didn’t do anything wrong. With this, children never get to experience real problem solving skills.

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