Questions on Human Nature

December 12, 2007
Do you ever wonder why humans have the need to attach ourselves to others? The acceptance and comfort we receive from someone close fulfills us in a way that nothing else can. Is that why we fear rejection and solitude so often? Are we so terrified of being alone because it's in our nature and something were born with or is it because of something we learn and something that's taught to us over time? I guess not ever knowing these answers is just part of being human. When you risk your heart for something and go against your better judgment, why does it seem to always end in "I should have listened to my gut, not my heart". Is that how it will always be for most people? Is it kind of like making it into Hollywood- so very few actually do and the others end up in shadows in the corner of a late night coffee shop wondering where they went wrong and why this is happening to them. So the real question is: Do these "losers" (for lack of a better term) quit or keep going? Give up or give in? You always hear "Never give up" "Fight for what you want" "You can do anything you put your mind to". Right. I think this is a line grown ups are required to tell their kids all throughout there lives. Really though, how many adults have you heard tell their kids "You should give up" "You'll eventually fail" "Don't bother fighting because it won't change anything"- and those who say this are named bad parents because in a way, they're being honest or at least they're not building up the wonderful joys of life like everyone else is. Sometimes the good overtakes the bad and vice versa, but we seem to always end up back at square one again eventually. I guess this is a different type of circle of life then Lion King intended. The thing about circles is you always end up where you started. A few things may have changed along the way, but you still end up back in the same place. I figure, the trick to living life is... are you ready... brace yourself... learn to live with the bumpy parts of the circle and in the next go around they won't be quite as bumpy- maybe even a little bit smooth. I've been trying to do this as much as I can and let me tell you- IT IS PAINFULLY DIFFICULT, but I'm working on it. Still working on it...

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