December 12, 2007
By Matthew Peacock, Township, ZZ

Discrimination is horrible thing that people do when they have a fear of a different race. People are always stereotyping those who are different from them and they are sometimes ignorant to the other person’s background. Discrimination can be expressed by using racial slurs or even by taking harmful actions. No matter how you look at it, discrimination is never the right thing to do and it is a bad habit that everyone needs to get rid of. Usually, discriminating people causes people to have hurt feelings or they get harmed by others. A great saying to go with this is “Do unto others, as you would wish done unto to you,” because no one likes to be racially tormented.
One of the main causes of discrimination is when people have a fear of other races or diverse people. Usually people don’t know much about other races and prejudge them. Once you have pre-judged someone you have become prejudice. You should never assume anything before you have your facts straight. A great example of this was when 9/11 happened. Many people assumed that all of the citizens from the Middle East were bad people before they knew anything about them. They took harsh actions before they knew anything and by doing these stepped up the first step of the ladder of prejudice.
Another thing that people do to discriminate is scapegoat a group of people. Scapegoat is when someone decides to blame all of his or her problems on someone or a group of people. An example of this is when Hitler blamed all of Germany’s problems on the Jews. He had no explanation for all of the problems and decided to blame it on the Jewish race. This caused many people in Germany to discriminate the Jews and people began to form anti-Jewish hate groups like the Nazi’s. This was the beginning of racism towards the Jewish race and even though Germany was forced to stop this racism, some people still feel the same way today towards Jews. This goes to show that racism carries on forever.
A last reason that people form a hate towards someone is because of ignorance. I see this many times in school when people make fun of others when they do not know anything about the person. You never know if that person is having a rough time in school because of another situation out of school. Then, when you make fun of that person it may really hurt their feelings because you might have picked that one thing that really gets to them. Discrimination is never right but it is extremely bad when you are ignorant of how someone else’s life is.
So you can see, discrimination truly is a horrible thing. It always hurts the person’s feelings and can lead to some harsh actions. Next time you think to discriminate someone, think again, because one discrimination can lead to whole chain of discriminating effects.

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