This I Believe

December 6, 2007
By Alejandro Dubovoy, Aventura, FL

I believe that everything is about attitude. It is amazing how important it is to have a positive attitude and strong mentality in anything you do. Attitude makes a huge difference and changes everything into a whole new way to look at something. Although it may seem hard to believe, a positive attitude towards life may make everything more simple and comforting.
I will never forget the first time my dad walked in the house at midnight after being in the office all day since 6:00 in the morning and said to me "It's all about the attitude baby!" I was in shock he said it so enthusiastically and with a smile on his face. "It's all up here" he would tell me pointing at his forehead. That really got me thinking for a while, how does he do that? How does he work all day and not come back home all cranky and tired? That is something that I admire of my dad because it made me think the way he does. Whether its school or sports, I know I'm stronger mentally than physically because I never give up. I can't go to school thinking "Ugh, I cant do this, this is so stressing, I'm going to fail my test" or walk on the soccer field thinking "Ugh, I'm so tired, the other team is going to destroy us, I want to go home" because that will do nothing but bring me down and make my day impossible to get through.
Attitude also has a lot to do with your goals in life. Anything that you want to accomplish is possible if you set your mind to it. In order to reach any goal, it is important to have the right attitude. A person such as Lance Armstrong is a perfect example to help me stress my point. Lance Armstrong overcame testicular and lung cancer and won the Tour de France seven consecutive times. This just shows to what extent you can reach the value of attitude to have such perseverance and not letting anything stop you. Could Lance have just sat in bed and let life pass him by? Sure, but Lance didn't allow that to happen so he decided to go out and do what he loved and having a positive attitude. Another great example is Erik Weihenmayer, the first blind climber to scale Mount Everest. Climbing a mountain that stands over 29,000 feet is tremendously hard already and life threatening but not being able to see did not stop Erik because Erik had a strong enough positive attitude that did not let him.
Life is what you make of it. It is important to stay strong and make the best of everything keeping a good attitude. Whether it's just getting through your daily life routine or pushing yourself to achieve a goal, attitude is key to it all. It's all about attitude baby! This I believe.

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