Presidential Politics

December 6, 2007
With the primaries just weeks away, time is running out to become familiar with the possible nominees. Numerous students at MCDS will have the privilege to vote in the 2008 election leaving little time to learn the stances of the candidates.

According to many recent national polls, Mayor Rudy Giuliani and Senator Hillary Clinton are the frontrunners in their respective parties. In the most recent national poll conducted by FOXNEWS, Mayor Giuliani leads all Republican candidates with a fourteen percent lead over Senator Fred Thompson, while Senator Clinton leads all Democrats with a nineteen percent lead over Senator Barack Obama. The first Democratic and Republican primaries will take place in Iowa on January 3rd, which is earlier than in previous elections. The Florida primary will take place on January 29th, before many students will turn 18; however, many of those students will turn 18 after January 29th and will be allowed to vote in the general election.

In a poll conducted among high school students at MCDS, only 18% of students could name three Democratic candidates, while 11% of students could name three Republican candidates. Do these small percentages demonstrate a lack of concern for the future of the country? Or is it a yet another indication of political apathy among teenagers (as well as many adults) today? Most teenagers spend their time on Facebook and watching ESPN instead of becoming informed about the War in Iraq and Afghanistan where young Americans are dying every day.
Iraq, immigration, healthcare, taxes, and the environment are major issues being debated among the candidates. According to the same poll, MCDS students consider the war in Iraq and abortion as the two most important issues to them. All of these issues could affect our lives so MCDS students should appreciate the way our democracy works and learn about the issues and the candidates.

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