December 5, 2007
Friends, what comes to mind when that is mentioned? Some say someone i can gossip with, and some say someone i can shop with. but friendship is about love. Tough love. In order to ahve a good friendship you need tough love and at the same time compassion. Someone who will be there when you burts out in tears, or when you get in trouble. Your friend will tell you if your right or wrong...good or bad. A good friend is someone who will talk about your issues and not be rude or stubborn. Friendship means love and trust...a bad friend is someone who doesnt listen to someone elses point of view or doesn't comfort their friends in their time of need. A bad friend is someone who talks about their friends behind their think about itmask yourself honestly, Am I a good friend or a bad friend?

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Stingray18 said...
Jan. 2, 2011 at 6:36 pm
good job:)
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