My Cool Name

December 5, 2007
My name is a persian name it comes from far faraway from the other side of the water from iran. its meaning is a first musician that played the harp. my name is easy as saying apple but in america its hard for people to say my name so almost every day, every year for the rest of my life i have to use examples or short in my name so people can say it half way right and can remember it. for example rom & noodle or cd-rom. i always wondered if there was a name that both side had that i could use. this would be funny using numbers as names, each country could get signed to different numbers for example USA gets the number 1000 until every body has a number. this sounds stupid and yes it will never happen but i still think it would be funny. yes i think if i changed my name to olympic then people would remember it happens every four years so thats cool then i dont have to shorten or use examples so people can remember. there will be one question people would ask why did you choose this name? it willnever stop.

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