My Generation

December 4, 2007
By Rachael Hewitt, Littleton, CO

My generation is a very casual generation. Where all casual from what we wear to what we do. Teenagers in this generation are more laid back. Teenagers are really depenedent on other people especially parents. I think there are a lot of spoiled kids in this generation which arent good role modles for the next generation. Teenagers now just sit at home or go to school. There are also a lot of cliques in this generation. I think there are more groups of people that isolate from others beacuse either there to good for other people or others just wont accept them. Everyone doesnt get along in this generation but we all wish we did or most of us do. This generation has a lot of crime in it too. There are more people in jail than ever. Hopefully the next generations will see our problems and work on it to make the future better.

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