Social Internet Networking: Is It Safe?

December 2, 2007
Technology has simply been getting ahead of itself when it comes to teenagers. The Internet is no longer just a source of information but it has grown to become a major social network for high school students. Networks such as MySpace, Facebook, Xanga and the famous Youtube are providing teenagers a place to expose themselves.

Unfortunately, most teenagers are not informed on the particular dangers of revealing personal information. To more dismay, some are even informed but no not take any regard to the consequences. Another new thing, hitting the internet world, are blogs. Teenagers aren’t just exposing personal information but are now exposing accounts of their real-life experiences. This is becoming a very serious problem.

Before we explore the reasons why this is so dangerous, I will explain some reasons why the social-networking has become so popular. Social-networking provides teenagers a place to express their true identity and make it known to everyone what they think. Internet sites such as MySpace and Facebook provide a quick way for friends to stay in connect and share photographs and relay information. Simply, the programs are well-designed and very handy.

Now, here are some serious disadvantages of using social networks on the internet. Just about anyone can read what is posted on a social network website. For example, Facebook and MySpace ca be accessed relatively easy by anyone on the internet. Therefore, what a teenager posts on their site is not only open for their friends but also for any person on the World Wide Web. That’s pretty scary!

The networking sites themselves, make it seem extremely important for a person to reveal their personal information.

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