Getting Lazier as New Technology Develops

December 11, 2007
It seems that every day new gadgets are getting put onto the shelves. These gadgets are made in order to make our lives easier and more convenient, such as the iPod, the iPhone, the refrigerators with computers built right into them, cell phones that are able to search the web faster than some internet connections, and a remote that can do everything from turn up the volume and search the channels with a click of a button; the list goes on. But as new technology develops, the lazier people get. The fact that people need refrigerators that actually tell them when they are out of stock on a certain food, or that people need the internet on their cell phones proves that people are getting lazier.

It seems as if these gadgets are the center of some people’s lives. I see more people on their cell phones while driving than actually paying attention to the road. I even see many kids texting other kids while in school. I mean are they that lazy that they can’t wait until lunch or the next break to talk to that person? Oh, and my favorite, a car that you actually don’t have to put the keys in order to start the engine. The car actually can sense how close a person is and automatically turns its engine on. Some cars also allow the driver to push a button instead of turning a key to start the car. Is it really that difficult to get in the car, put the key in the ignition, and turn it? The result is the same whether you push a button or not.
Some gadgets are just not necessary, such as the refrigerator that can tell when you are out of stock on something. A person can certainly open up their refrigerator, look in it to see what they are lacking, and make a shopping list. It concerns me that mostly everyone in the United States of America needs a gadget, whether it’s an iPod or a refrigerator with a built in shopping list. I have actually seen some children, as young as the age of eight, talking on a cell phone! It is unnecessary for a child that young to have a cell phone, unless their parents are too busy playing with their new gadget at home to be with their kid.
The world we live in today consists of cell phones, iPods, and computers. It is a society filled with technology and newer, more complex gadgets. These gadgets seem to attract everyone from the age of eight to the age of seventy six (like my grandmother who has an iPod…). I see fewer people walking around Lake Quannapowitt in Wakefield and more people talking on a mini earpiece in the car. Even on nice, summer days, more people are on AIM than hanging outside with their friends. I fear that if this process continues the world as we know it will rely on technology and will be obsessed with new gadgets. The world of “do-it-yourself” networks and hanging out with friends outside of the house will no longer exist.

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SaxonHunter22 said...
Nov. 29, 2010 at 2:01 pm
I agree with this article a 110% I am preparting a Persuasive Speech about how technology affects us and this article is amazing on how technology almost controls us to a point. Thank You for writing this amazing article.
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