December 1, 2007
By Shannon Haller, Dix Hills, NY

An adult is a person who has reached their full development and maturity in size, strength, and in knowledge. Most kids cannot wait to get out of high school and become adults. Kids want to have their own freedom and make all of their own decisions. The truth is that I am worried about becoming an adult.

I am worried about becoming an adult. Adults do have advantages such as having more money to spend, deciding their own curfew, and not having to worry about homework. Adults can watch any movie they want, they can drive where ever they’d like to, and they have many more rights than kids do. Most kids wish that they were adults and complain about all of the stress in their life. Students think that homework, projects, sports and extra curricular activities are too much to handle. Students believe that once they graduate all of their worries will disappear and life will be much more enjoyable. The truth is that life is just the opposite. When you become an adult you have to be independent and responsible. When you become an adult you are responsible for getting a full time job, paying taxes, and taking care of your own belongings. I am worried about becoming an adult and having all of these responsibilities.

They’re advantages and disadvantages to becoming an adult. Some people don’t realize what a big step they’re taking when they become an adult. Responsibilities change when you become an adult and that is what I am worried about the most.

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