Poverty Around the World

November 30, 2007
Imagine a child dying every three seconds. Most of then are under the age of five. There are so many places with poverty going on around the world.

Personally i have been to Mexico and seen the way kids live there. They are playing in the dirt with no shoes. They barely have a shelter. It's pretty much straw, mud, and sting they find around. The thing is that they that is the normal way of life. They kids there don't know that there is so much more then that in life. This is not the way of any person in the world to live.

As much money as the US has here, they can't help? There are 45 million people just in America dying from poverty. They live on the streets, under bridges, and even in subway stations. We do not have enough homeless shelters. Why are we letting this happen?

Seattle has enough money to make a light rail but they can't help people begging for money? I am a supporter of Hope Africa. I try to give money every week to sent four kids to school.

People want a better life so they try to move to the US. But of course we keep pushing everyone away. How can anyone do well if we can't help? We don't try to help; we try to control. Now there are 11,000 million kids dying each year from not having a doctor to see. What if that was your child? would you let that happen? But if no one offered to help you? What would you think if you couldn't support your family? Wouldn't you want to go to a place where you were able to start over. But The they pushed you away, because you are different. How would that make you feel? Your kids ger sick. You can't do anything about it. And still no one can help you. You would wonder how they could do such a thing. Your kids pass away. Now what is the point of living. You have no where to go. You have no family to go home to. And all you needed was someone to help you just a little bit. So how does knowing that make you feel? Now why can't you help?

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