Technology Today

November 8, 2010
Looking around the room in a doctors office, school, or even my house I see something. This is a pattern of this something. It never goes away. This is called technology and it repeats. Our world today is going crazy. I mean this by every subject in the book. You could go on and on for hours upon hours. Did you know that 50 years ago every ten years a new library would be made for technology? Now in modern day society it makes a new library daily. This is one of the most amazing things you can think of. This can be organized in two subjects. Advantages and disadvantages on high-tech equipment. It is good because, it gives us less work and more time. It is bad because all the failed attempts add up. Remember we have a huge population of humans. The money used could make our economy a huge downfall. An example is what is currently going on now. This leads to our future today and on. What we need to do is have less inventors and innovators. But this needs to be to do the point to where we are still making new technology daily.

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