Amber Schaefer

November 5, 2010
By leaah. BRONZE, Appleton, Wisconsin
leaah. BRONZE, Appleton, Wisconsin
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Amber Schaefer’s Positive Ways.
“Drew you’re acting weird,” Amber shrieked.
“Amber I’m fine, but I have to go to work so I’ll talk to you later,” Drew, Amber’s boyfriend of three months stated. But Amber still knew something wasn’t right, she could easily see through his lies, she just had no proof. Luckily Ryan, one of Drew’s friends found it in him to tell Amber the truth.
“He’s cheating on you Amber,” Ryan exclaimed as Amber’s jaw drop and her eyes water, but she didn’t let the tears fall just yet; she was stronger than that.

After hearing this dreadful news, she wasn’t going to let this keep her down. Amber coped for a couple days cleaning her room, watching TV, and just being alone. She let the tears fall when no one was around. “This is one of the few times I actually remember crying,” Amber mentioned; looking to make this situation positive. “This didn’t change how I felt about trusting people, but it did teach me a lesson on what relationships are,” she related, “I believe everything happens for a reason and without this experience I wouldn’t of moved on to be in the amazing 10 month relationship I have now!” Amber has always had a great strength of being positive. Even when she was younger she was never one to cry.

“I called her dead inside,” her mom announced, “She hardly ever cried.”

“I only cry about once every three months,” Amber added, “Even movies don’t make me cry.”
But Amber did recall one moment where she did cry, “Watching my grandpa die was not easy for me to do,” she said, “I was merely the age of eight, but I still wasn’t going to let this keep me down.” Amber watched her grandpa, Maurice, be taken off life support there to die right in front of his family but it was what he wanted and she now excepts that. Once again Amber knew how to turn a bad situation around, to this day she still tells herself she was grateful to even meet her grandpa and she reminds herself many kids never got the chance like she did.
Growing up Amber turned many things positive; it was her life style to accept change. “Sophomore year was my biggest change,” Amber informed us, “After being stabbed in the back you learn who your true friends are.”
Amber’s sophomore year was filled with drama, backstabbing, and changing of friends. “When I look back on it, I realize it was all for the better it gave me the friends I have now and it brought me to where I am today.” Amber always knows how to find the good in a situation, a skill not everyone has. She’s adept at being positive.
“My most recent encounter with being positive was trying for my CNA,” Amber acknowledged.
Going from school, to nursing school, to home for homework Amber had no free time. Amber put in 12 hours a week for her CNA, 10 hours a week for work and balanced out school work. “Having no free time made life hard and having friends stressful at times,” She claimed, “But in the end it all worked out, I got my CNA and put myself ahead of the game for my future. All the stress and hard work will pay off.” Amber explained to me how she’s always wanted to help other people, another payoff for achieving her goal of getting her CNA.
Amber has a good way of making her life worth living. She is an example of how to live to the fullest.

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I like this article i wrote because i teaches a good life lesson.

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