November 15, 2007
By Jimmy Hammack, Phoenix, AZ

“All that lives must die, passing through nature to eternity”. These were great words by Hamlet that means a lot in my eyes which can somewhat define what has been corrupting the innocence of many men and women in Africa’s past which is the elimination of a single race also known as genocide. Genocide usually happens because of stupid differences between 2 different groups of people. Many people overlook our neighboring countries problems with no type of help, I believe no one should suffer the loss of their families or own lives over hate as the Tutsis did when the Hutus massacred thousands of there people. So why didn’t we help?

On April 6, 1994 an airplane carrying president Habyarimana and the president of Burundi was shot down as it prepared to land. As though the shooting down deaths of the presidents was a signal, military and militia groups began rounding up and killing all the Tutsis they could find even if it was their own neighbor as if it was the Tutsis fault because of the Tutsis past of trying to conquer the Hutus. The prime minister and her 10 bodyguards were among the first to be slaughtered. These 2 different races with the same spoken language and religion broke apart. This conflict not including their past conflicts lasted 3 months from April to July. In 3 months 800,000-1,000,000 people were killed.

“The dogs roaming wild in packs are fat now. For weeks, they have been feeding off the unburied bodies in this human slaughter house.” Remer Tyson wrote in the article The Dead Must Wait. Before the Tutsis and Hutu lived in harmony they lived in war which helped lead to the 3-month mass killing. In 1959 the Hutu overthrew the Tutsi king over the next several years the Tutsis were slaughtered but some Tutsi kids formed a rebel group causing a civil war in 1990. With other tiny conflicts from there on lead up to the massive genocide of 1994. The Tutsi rebels defeated the Hutu regime and ended the war of 1994. At the end with a little of our countries help we could have prevented, or ended the war sooner with less casualties. Some of this great information was used and can be visited at

Our government did nothing for these suffering people. We sat behind our little television set in our comfy couches and watched the news explaining the disaster. Sure we might have been saddened to hear what has become of the nation but we sat, watched, and did nothing. When we are in need of serious help will the assist us now? We should have and still should relocate our pointless soldiers in Iraq set to imperialize to some parts of Africa, not saying their government is faulty or defective. Our soldiers should assist them when needed for extra help in matters to prevent sudden breakouts and patrol.

One might argue that another country such as Africa won’t take lightly to our soldiers going over there to help. It will be all over the news making Africa’s government look corrupt. But any way you look at it that is just our nation being lazy, our actions don’t need to involve the press in any way also we can at least have a conference with their leaders explaining our concerns and tell them our answers to their problems in a nice way offering to help them. Preventing another one of these breakouts and policing what happens there will help a lot and we will have earned there support for a lot.

I am sure by now it is obvious that by not helping them we reduced our chances of Africa being on our side more. If a breakout of a sort were to break out here picturing them hurrying off to America to help is only going to be a thought. Our soldiers can be relocated to help just a little bit even an attempt to speak with the president of Africa would have been something more. So many lives taken women, children, husbands, men, friends, and loved ones and no one to help but a government that can’t be reached. What if it was our families and friends? Our families tears, fears and bloodshed in the air? Wouldn’t we want help?

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