Slice of Life- Pet Peeve

November 13, 2010
Call 911, we’ve got a noisy eater!

When people are eating at the table calmly, you can enjoy your food much better, but then sloppy cousin Joe spoils the enjoyment, and it’s so disgusting.

Don’t you get annoyed of noisy eaters; I know I do. Although I have a few noisy eaters in my family, I still have this peeve on these type of people.

Since when did I develop this pet peeve; I have no idea, but it’s quite nerve attacking. The noises.

I can’t stand it.

I mean you just want to eat in peace and it is especially gross when, in one of their claps you see their food-chewed up in little chunks of broccoli mixed with meat chunks ready to be swallowed.

Just swallow it already!

Not only is seeing the food disgusting, but the sound is also annoying!

Munches and squishes of sounds coming from their mouth. Makes you want to be the hulk and pick up the table and throw it at the “cow chewer”.

Shut up! Eat in peace and shut your mouths. For crying out loud!

I wouldn’t stand to marry someone like this.You may think I am exaggerating, but I’m not, at least I think I’m not.

How do you become a “cow chewer”? Do you inherit it or is it just one bad disgusting habit that you get. Explain to me please.
Okay, I have a confession to make.

Maybe, I shouldn’t be so cruel, but it’s just annoying and....

Well, how embarrassing, but I shouldn’t be so peeved about cow chewers because once in a while I do it as well! He he.

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