What is a Teenager?

November 13, 2010
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What is a teenager? A teenager can be viewed in many ways. They can be viewed as reckless, strange, hyper, crazy, ignorant, and foul. But we are unique. We may seem atrocious to others but they are the ones who need to step into the reality of “us”. What they see is the outside. They may think they understand us, but they clearly don’t. We teenagers may come home and burry ourselves in our rooms, but this is where we are ourselves. They view our music choices as loud and obnoxious; when to us it’s like melting into our own little world. This world may seem crazy, but it’s what you live everyday. The people that view us as bad do not understand the magnitude of the word we live in. Some view us as the worst thing to happen, but we are a flower that elegantly opens the bud to the most different, colorful, and fragrant pedals that are our souls.

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