Abuse To Animals Needs To Stop!

November 11, 2010
By Anonymous

Animal abuse means a lot of different things. Animals get; beaten, neglected, and get their homes taken away everyday. There are many groups in the world trying to stop this from happening, but there is only so much that they can do.

Why do people do such awful things to animals? Who really knows? Science shows that animals have existed much longer than humans. They are a natural part of the ecosystem just like us. Too many humans believe that animals are just animals, and that they have no purpose on the Earth. When really they have many purposes that help keep our environment healthy. Take some time to think about what a world without any animals would be like. It would be extremely different wouldn’t it?

Everyday so many animals get beaten, or neglected. Everyday there are people who abuse animals that can’t come up with any good excuse for why? There are sadly people in this world who abuse them for the fun of it. What is going through their minds when they do such awful things?

Wild animals get effected everyday by humans too. Many lose their homes to deforestation in the rainforest. Everyday thousands of trees get cut down that are home to many different species. Many times species that we haven’t even discovered probably go extinct. There are so many animals that are homeless today in the world, because of their homes getting destroyed.

There are many ways to help animal abuse like; adopting an animal, joining an organization for animals, donating to charities for animals, and so many other ways. There are many small ways you can help too. A little effort from one when added to other's efforts can go a long way. So go out and make a difference!

The author's comments:
It troubles me to hear such awful things about what happens to animals in some places. I think that people need to stand up for animals who are abused, and try to help them.

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