Same Sex Marriage : The Pursuit of Happiness

November 3, 2010
By deisi BRONZE, National City, California
deisi BRONZE, National City, California
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How would you feel if you couldn’t marry the person you love ? Or how would you feel if you are being judged because of whom you love? That is happening to some people who want to marry within their same sex .Same sex marriage is when people of the same gender want to get married. This topic is controversial because people think it’s against religion. They say,“God made a man and a woman so they could get married and have a family, and not a female and a female.” However, on the other hand, some people feel very strongly about the government’s ban on same sex marriage, saying it’s against the people’s rights saying, “People should marry whomever they want.” My point of view is that same sex marriage is moral because love brakes a lot of barriers and it really doesn't matter if you like the same sex. It is just love that matters. It doesn't really matter if you are “gay” or “lesbian.” You should have the right to marry whomever you want to marry because as my dad used to say, “It’s you that is going to marry the person, not other people. And it is not for other people to judge you.”Moreover,I think same sex marriage is as normal as other marriages because both deal with two human beings wanting to be with each other for the rest of their lives and have a happy family.

Furthermore, some people contradict gay marriage because they say children cannot be raised with two people of the same sex. However, in my opinion that is a lie because children are raised well if they have the love of a parents.

Therefore, the government has no business forcing their opinion on the citizens of a country. In a true democracy, which America is supposed to be, we should have, as Jefferson promised, the right to “the pursuit of happiness.” No one should tell someone else how they should live their lives. In summary, marriage should be between two people who love one another, regardless of their sexual preference. By adopting this philosophy, America will take a step on the road to freedom.

The author's comments:
I wrote this because I think people should not be prejudiced against others because of their sexual orientation.Futhermore,I also wrote this for people to have tolerance for others because we are all humans and we all deserve equal rights.

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