A Bad Example for Future Generations?

November 19, 2007
How can our generation think that the skinnier you are, the prettier you are? I can be 60 lbs. and laying on a bed dying, but I'm supposedly "beautiful". Along with millions of other teenagers around the world we feel tremendous pressure to be the "best". What is the best? Is what's best for me the same as another? I believe it's beautiful to do what you enjoy in life whether that be take a year off and travel the world before attending college. Not attending college and starting your own business. Whatever you want to do is okay and not everyone wants to accomplish the same goals. I feel like I haven't accomplished a lot because what society says is an accomplishment is something I've never wanted to accomplish. I'm a confident and caring person. I do however turn into a different, less confident person when attending high school everyday. So cautious about what i say or how i act because I'm being judged by all every second. By acting the way our generation acts were saying that it's okay to drink until we black out and don't remember a thing. Do cocaine until our noses bleed because it's "fun". I fee like if our generation keeps heading the way it is right now that all kids will lose their confidence for good and turn to things that make them feel good and forget everything. We can't always forget everything though, at some point we need to face the facts and get real. We've all learned to turn into fake people who don't care. I hope this changes soon because I don't know how much longer I can stand to see our generation killing ourselves slowly.

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