Just Say No to Cheating

November 15, 2007
Johnny and Sam are taking a test. Sam is working his butt off to get this test done, while Johnny is looking over his shoulder to get the answers. Do you know someone that cheats every chance they get? Or have you ever thought about cheating? All cheating should come to a stop this way the world don’t grow up not knowing how to do anything.

If we continue to let the world get away with cheating, we will grow up not knowing how to do anything and the human brain would come to waste. Cheating in education has become increasingly high at all levels, according to survey research. One major cause is increasing anxiety among students about their future job prospects and financial security in a winner-take-all society. Other causes include lax oversight by faculty and the ease of cheating via the Internet. Cheating is also becoming easier each year do to the technology that we now have. They are now using phones to text message the answers, even calculators are being to store answers and also the famous computer is a cheating source. These students have set in their brain that it’s ok to cheat. But us as a society need to find a way to get reed of this problem, not only for now but forever.

It is shown that over 70% of the college and high school students cheat do to surveys. Also over 50% of these students plagiarize. There are even some Internet sites that give examples on cheating techniques slicker than you might imagine, some sell prewritten term papers, and some even offer to write a term paper according to the student's specifications. Perhaps the most startling is one that advertises a book purported to teach all the cheating tricks. So everyone needs to realize that cheating get the job done for now but what about the future. If this continue would are world come to an end? What would happen to are doctors, lawyers, teacher’s etc. The world wont be able to function without are educated people.

There are also serious consequences for cheating, if you get caught, you will be in trouble because you can be expelled from school or the university, or at least you will get a zero (0) on your test and a bad reputation, not only with the teachers, but with the other students as well. In the long term, there are also big consequences for the cheaters. You may graduate from school or university by cheating, but when you will be asked to use your knowledge in other situations, as for example at work, if you didn't learn much in the university because you are a cheater, how would you solve problems, give ideas, behave in a meeting or perform in general on your job? This is why we need to stop cheating in general, because it can be scary for are future. And for a grandchildren and are a children.

Unfortunately, people don’t take this cheating problem seriously. I do understand that most people cheat there way through high school and college. Some people even cheat there way throughout life. But if 99% of the people in the world jump off a building would you jump, too? Or would you be that 1%? Some say it doesn’t matter how you get it done just as long as you get it finished. Well, that’s good for the moment. But what about your future? Do you learn anything from cheating? No you cant learn nothing from cheating because your just copying the material but you have know idea what your doing. That’s why choose to be that 1% and not like everyone else.

So do you believe that cheating is still a successful way to do things? It just makes it harder on you and your future. That’s why you should choose to be cheating free. The only way we can stop cheating is if we decide to stop, because it’s so simple to copy someone else’s paper or look on that computer. But you have to be smarter then that paper and learn the material. Cheating could change are life forever, if it don’t come to an end. That’s why we need to stop it now, that way we don’t have to see if it would change are lives forever.

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