Stop Child Abuse!

November 15, 2007
Parents should know that there’s a difference between abuse and discipline. Who gives parents the right to abuse their children? Having a rough childhood can stick with you for the rest of your life. When parents or guardians get too aggressive, its called child abuse. Theirs ways to prevent this type of violence because, it has came to the point where it has gotten out of hand.

The most common age of child abuse would be toddlers, children between the ages of three to seven years old. In a article, I was reading on a website about child abuse a lady makes a statement, “Children go through many development stages which bring about different behaviors many of which, can be frustrating and anger-provoking the parents.” Being abused or neglected as a child can be painful experiences that a human being can go through as a child. To identify child abuse the first sign would be unexplained bruises and welts, rope burns, and infected burns. This type of violence is a crime and is very dangerous even though some people don’t take it serious.

There are different abusers it can be any type of guardian. Eighty percent of the abusers are birth parents, adoptive parents, and step parents. Abused children tend to grow up and be abusive themselves. Children being abused will most likely not open up to people, because they are brain washed thinking it’s their fault. We as a community and city need to get involved report abuse when you see it, invest in kids, and recognize the signs.

Parents should realize the difference between violence and a spanking. Theirs family counseling and ways to learn parenting skills. Abusive parents tend to have a chemical addiction, have no parenting skills, or can be suffering from a reported on an average of every ten seconds and three children die everyday. Colorado ranks third in the nation for deaths resulting to child abuse.

When parents or guardians get too violent, it can lead serious results. From other peoples point of view they might say its not abuse its just a spanking or discipline. Some abusers might say the kids ask for it because they wouldn’t listen or they are being bad. Parents don’t understand that there kids and their known to make mistakes. They think because, they brought their children into this world they can do as they please.

We as a community need to put a stop to this type of violence. Everyone needs to communicate with one another, especially the victims being abused. They need to open up, so this type of violence won’t traumatize them, through this during their child hood end up having to live with those painful memories. Half of the victims end up, growing up and being abusive themselves and increases the percentage of victims. The parents that need help should get it, with counseling. The more abusers in this world may lead to ore children dying. If everyone tried to help out and report abuse when you see it, maybe we’ll see fewer victims.

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jala2018 said...
Nov. 6, 2015 at 12:04 pm
like this article because its fighting for the children. I didn’t know that 3 children are killed everyday. Child abuse is horrible, your basically killing your future.
Suicide said...
Mar. 30, 2011 at 8:54 am

I so agree with you. I have grown up in an abusive home most of my life. I hope people soon realize that child abuse in any type or form is wrong and should be STOPPED! Good Job on the story.


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