Amber Alert

November 15, 2007
By Oscar Delgado, Phoenix, AZ

Have you ever heard of an Amber Alert? If you haven’t, it is a kidnapping of a child. Sex offenders are usually the ones convicted for kidnapping and offending children. Sex offenders are bad, and because of them, laws like the Amber Alert were created, and other laws were created on how to maintain them, we have to get rid of these sex offenders before there are many restrictions for everyone.

Ever since more and more sex offenders are convicted, new laws are being created. New laws like “Jessica’s Laws” were created after nine-year-old Jessica Lunsford was slayed in 2005. These laws were created on how to maintain them. USA Today Feb. 25, 2007 said these this, they also said that some laws can’t let convicted sex offenders get near 1000 ft. of where kids gather. Other laws say that you can get up to five years in prison. Some laws say that if a sex offender is released from prison he/she has to go to a containment area or a facility.

Many states have passed different laws clarifying on how they are going to be punished. In Arizona, there are no laws that say what to do with a convicted sex offender. I think it should be the death sentence or to be exiled from the city. In Nebraska, sex offender’s cant live within 500 ft. of where kids gather. In Texas, the Parole Board decides where the sex offender lives or goes. These are just some of the laws that were found on USA Today Feb. 25, 2007. Some laws say that if you’re convicted, you have to pack your bags and move to the outskirts of town.

If a sex offender is convicted, he/she has to go to prison. A sex offender goes to jail on how bad the crime was. If its killing the person, its twenty years in prison or death. If it’s stalking and sending bad notes it’s probably five years maximum in prison. After they get released, they have to move to a different place if they live near a school or park. Some have to move really far. For example, I read this one story where a nice lady had a three-story house. She was convicted of offending, and had to move to the outskirts of town. She now lives in a small trailer, and her life got ruined. There are more stories like that, that are sad, but true.

Some people say that not all sex offenders, or convicted yet? I say why give them a chance to start offending some children. Some go to therapy, some have to take lie detector tests, and some have tracking devices on their ankles, to see where they are going. Sex offenders have to do all that stuff, because they were convicted and sent to jail already. You see what the problem is; it’s when the laws don’t check everyone, and when people start offending it’s already to late.

I think that all sex offenders should be removed from the rest of society. They have different behaviors than normal people, which could make them psychopaths, and that’s why they start offending kids. I say to put them in facilities, and give them a lot of therapy. Would you like a sex offender to molest someone that’s close to you like your kid or best friend? If you don’t, then you agree with me on everything I say. Especially, when I say that we have to them on the outskirts of town, or away from kids and families. So now all you have to do stay safe, and help put all of these sex offenders where kids can’t get hurt. Why wait until someone close to you get hurt, take action now, and remove him or her from the rest of society.

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