Drivers over 60--Get Retested!

November 10, 2007
HAve you ever gotten stuck behind an old driver that seems liek they are goign 2 mph? Well, i know i have and frankly, it is plain annoying. I think that driver's over 60 should get retested for their liscense. Enough is enough. They should be tested on their hearing, so that they could hear horns and sirens. They should also be tested on eyesight so that they could see how fast they are goign and more importantly where they are going. People with old eyesight are going to hit that one little child runngin across the street getting their precious ball. It has happened before and it most definetly will happen again. THis needs to stop. As people grow older their brain doesn't function right and we could have elderly people out on teh road not remembering how to drive! This is an issue that needs to be solved and CAN be solved all we have to do is address it. Make our roads and country a safer place to drive, and certainly a certain place to live.

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