The media's idea of "The Perfect Image"

October 8, 2010
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Often, we catch ourselves glancing at a magazine cover of our most desired celebrities. Perfect
hair, perfect smile, perfect bodies. But, do you ever wonder if what you see is really what you get?
Or is the media just putting all of this non-sense inside your head?

Insecurity-lack of confidence or assurance; self-doubt.
Once you spot your favorite celebrity looking nothing less than perfect, you catch yourself thinking,,. "Why can't this be me?" "Why can't i be that thing?" or "Why can't my skin be that clear"? And then you start to put yourself down .. picking out all of your flaws and feeling insecure.

What you don't realize is that on the picture you’re seeing someone far from perfect.
Someone who has insecurities just like you! And just like you, picks out their flaws.
The media wants you to believe that you need to look or act an certain way in order to be labeled "cool" or "beautiful." But what the media doesn’t tell you is that, beauty and coolness comes from within.

Beauty is a feeling. A way to live your life. With inner beauty comes outer beauty. A person could be wearing the most beautiful smile, but have the worst attitude. What does that make them?

The media also wants you to believe that being healthy is being skinny.. but what they fail to realize is that every person has a different figure and no one is built the same. Being skinny doesn’t always mean your healthy Just as beauty, health is also a feeling and a way of life. A person could be skinny but have an eating disorder. Does that make them healthy?

Truth is.. there is no perfect image.
It's just another opinion made by some judgmental jerk who had nothing better to do but to pick out someone's flaw. And as far as the media? Pay no mind to what they say.

Just remember: no one's perfect, everyone has flaws, and that’s what truly makes a person beautiful.

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