A Day We Will Never Forget

October 9, 2007
I was eleven years old when the attack on New York City happened. I was living at the Black Hills Children’s Home in RockerVille South Dakota. I was living in the children’s home because my mom was a single mom who was struggling trying to raise her kids. She was working two jobs, but that wasn’t good enough for Department of Social Services, so they took us away and put us in the Black Hills Children’s Home.
On the day of 9-11 I was sitting at my desk playing on the computer. My teacher turned on the television, and what happened next was a complete shock to me. My mouth dropped as I saw American Airline flight 11 crash into the North Tower. Then I continued to watch as American Airline flight 175 crashed into the South Tower. Tears just started to roll down my face.
I don’t understand how someone could do such a horrible thing. Why America? All America has done is to try to help other countries. So where did we go wrong? So many innocent people were killed on 9-11. I can never go a day without worrying about what might happen next to America. I am scared to death for my future and the future of my kids because of what happened on 9-11. I will always remember 9-11. The question is, will you?

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