October 8, 2007
By Kayla Monis, Monrovia, CA

On September 11, 2001, six years ago, a hijacked airplane flew over Manhattan and into the southern tower of the World Trade Center. This event killed a large amount of people, and changed the United States forever. This clearly was intentional; it was most definitely not an accident. Personally this was disgusting, to kill innocent people because of the country they live in! I was feeling contempt and angry toward the terrorist and our own government, because they killed part of my family, my fellow Americans. But as impossible as it sounds I found a positive perspective to this situation. This stomach-churning event has bonded us together. We all have our differences and we don't all get along but this has made us all come together like the family we are. Even though the terrorists and government have destroyed the lives of our family & friends, and hurt us in every way they brought us closer together. Everything that happened, happened for a reason and I'm not saying what they did was right it was a despicable and horrific act, but it made our nation stronger. From that day on out we will forever be changed but we have to move on never forgetting the tragic scene of 9|11 but focusing on the present and future. What is done is done. I feel the people behind these attacks should be murdered in a brutal death, but God will or has dealt with them and I'm sure they've gotten/will get what they deserve. What those terrorist did went down in history and one day my grandchildren will ask me about September 11,2001 and I'll tell them the truth and will remember the 1,000s that died. I think the government played a huge role in the attacks, and that we had plenty of warnings that the government kept secret. They are mainly to blame for this heartbreaking sight.

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