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October 3, 2007
I’m sitting outside eating lunch, hanging out with friends, when the bell shatters through my daydream. Everyone darts out of class to see their friends in the halls. Have you ever noticed how boring school is? If I could change one thing, it would be the fact that we have to eat indoors. How cool would it be to eat outside and eat wherever you wanted. That is many students’ dream and there is no reason we cannot make that dream come true.
Students spend way too much time indoors. According to an online magazine, Education.com, students spend 90% of their time indoors and only 15% of it outdoors. Students should spend more time outside doing more socializing activities. This will let the students take a break, and that will give them more focus in the school day because they can restart. By doing this it could improve their grades.

By giving the students a chance to go outside, they can benefit not only mentally but physically. They can have a chance to stretch and relax. In the air, there are things called negative ions. These are little particles that help the brain. Negative ions can decrease anxiety, relax the body and give children a sense of well-being. An online resource, Pentex, states that negative ions have shown that students with learning disabilities have had an outstanding improvement in their grades throughout their education.

While being responsible outdoors, they also have a chance to make new friends. This is a great chance to socialize as well. If there are conflicts between the students, the students will simply be taken indoors. This means the students have to prove themselves to earn the right to sit outside. Also, when you hang out with your friends there is less of a chance of trouble since everybody is hanging out with people they like. Open-seating will let students have a break, and they will be able to focus their energy towards school because they can sit with friends and talk about upcoming homework and tests.
Since the students will have supervision by teachers, there will be less trouble. Now, let’s say the students make a mess or leave out trash. The students will have to pick it up and by doing this it will make the students more responsible. If they don’t they will not be able to eat outside. These students should be able to prove themselves and earn the right to sit outside.

Sitting outside has many benefits. Write a letter to your principal, parents and even the school board. Get a group of friends together and talk to others around you and convince them that sitting outside is a better choice. So, the next time you are eating lunch, think about taking action.

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