Gay Pride

October 12, 2007
In the world, we all judge, but why? Since we are all different, in many ways, why do we judge those who really love each other? Love is love, and there is nothing you can do to change the sex of the person you love. Being gay shouldn’t be something that we have to fear, or look down on, for it is not our business to stick our noses into other people’s relationships.

Marriage between two gay people is another thing. It is only legal in some parts of the United States, and Massachusetts is one of those places. People fear being gay, because people say it’s a sin, and God that won’t accept them into heaven. But that isn’t true. God wouldn’t put gay people in the world, if he didn’t love them as he loves straight people.

I will never know what it feels like to be gay, and experience the pain they must endure every day. Many gay people have to go through hell in school and even in their families, every day. What kind of life is that? Living in fear is not right. Gay people are people too; they have feelings. They can cry. They can love. They can do anything a straight person can do. People think gays are like aliens, but it isn’t true.

Gays are killed or beaten up for being gay, but people don’t have the right to put their hands on anyone, even if they don’t believe in gay pride. That belief doesn’t give them the right to hurt another. That’s something God would look down on. Being gay shouldn’t have to be a problem, straight people don’t have to deal with the pain they do. Gay people have the fear of being found out.
If Bush really cared about all people, he wouldn’t have such a big deal about the gay community. A great president would love all his people, gay or straight. The things that we all have in common are our feelings. We can all feel the same emotions, sadness, happiness, or disappointment.
In the end, gay people should have more rights. They should be able to have a life without fear. Living in fear isn’t the best feeling in the world. Fear to walk outside your own door to your own house isn’t living. Fear of going to school because people will pick on you everyday is also wrong. Even your own family might have something against you if you’re gay, but let me tell you, my nana and her partner are gay, and I love them so much. In my eyes, without gays, the world is without color.

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septemberstarz said...
Feb. 19, 2011 at 10:33 pm
This is a beautiful essay.
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