How I feel about music

September 28, 2007
Music can make you feel different ways because there are so many different types, sounds, and styles. Music can make you have many emotions and feelings toward various things such as people, places, and events. Music can also make or break your concentration depending on what you like and what is playing. For some people music is their life or refuge from their real life. Others might think that music is just like playing around and is worthless to them. Music is what I think helps define a person to be an individual and not just another person that follows a leader. For myself music is how I tell people how I feel like when I’m mad you will probably find me rocking out to some heavy metal, new age rock, or even sometimes some punk. I think that everyone has some type of music in them somewhere they just have to dig deep and find it within themselves. That is how I feel about music.

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