The Risk of Obesity

September 27, 2007
Obesity in America has become a serious health risk. Almost 31% of children ages 6 to 19 are overweight (Center for Disease Control and Prevention). A few state legislatives have put stricter guide lines for elementary and middle schools lunches, but have been more lenient for high schools. The soda machines have been replaced by water, juice, and sports drink machines. The candy machine replaced by backed chips, and healthy alternative snacks. School lunch menus have been revised, and unhealthy treats have increased in price. Schools feel that if they sell healthier alternatives, not only will the weight crisis in America decrease, but they will teach students how to make healthy decisions in the future.

Students have been outraged at the new cafeteria system, however. Most of them believe it is their choice what they buy at school, and what they choose to eat at lunch. Students have even gone so far as boycotting the cafeteria food; instead bringing their own lunches. Many feel that they do make healthy choices- they limit the unhealthy food or save it for a treat. Furthermore, students feel the school should only worry about academics; and let students make their own lunch time decisions.

I think that the health changes are good. If students can not make good eating decisions, then the school should take action. It’s the schools job to educate their students; that includes educating them to eat healthy. Schools are not doing this just to be harsh, they are concerned for our health. By eliminating candy and soda machines, offering healthier alternatives, and educating students of the importance of healthy eating, students will have better eating habits.

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