Attention Starved

September 20, 2007
By Rachel Looker, Springfield, MO

I’m not sure exactly what it is about females in general that makes them crave attention, but recently I decided that I’m fed up with it. Being a girl, I feel that I’m one of the exceptions to the attention-starved females of the world. I’ve been told that actually I’m a very “chill” girl. I’m assuming in guy language “chill” means relaxed, because for the longest time I had no idea what “chill” was. Being relaxed allows me to hang out with guys a lot more comfortably than girls.

Since I’m comfortable with males, I seem to get the opportunity to witness the very juvenile actions of girls quite often. For instance, a few weeks ago I was with a group of ten guys, just hanging out, when another girl showed up at the house. We were all watching a movie when the girl decided it was “way too boring.” Evidently, watching a movie no longer produces enough entertainment for some teenagers. The girl got up and commenced in some sort of communication that was louder than anything I have ever hear in my entire life. Talking this loud may have been acceptable if she were telling a story and showing great emphasis, maybe singing her favorite song, but defiantly not for telling us she had gotten a pedicure that day. I think the point of this might have been so everyone would pay attention to her, but that’s just speculation.

After ten to fifteen minuets of this girl talking at a decibel that was roughly equivalent to the day after a rock concert, she informed all of us, in her bubbly, look at me voice that we “just had to go swimming!” The girl ran upstairs to go change into a swimsuit, and all the guys could do was turn and stare at me. Mike was the first one to say anything and all he could manage to get out was, “My head hurts and I think there is a large possibility that girl is taking caffeine pills.” Everyone laughed about it, but when he said that, something really clicked in my mind.

I realized that the reason I always seem to be hanging out with guys in short is because girls are starved for attention and just flat out try too hard. When other girls show up I always tend to stay relaxed and blend into the background. I hang back mostly because I can’t stand the competition girls insist on having between each other. Maybe it is the way I was raised, or maybe I had a bad experience that I’ve chosen to block out of my memory, but that competition to me just isn’t worth it. I always seem to loose guy friends in the process. By sitting back and relaxing, letting other girls fight over who gets to date who, I let myself keep my guy friends and not have to deal with the added stress of fighting with some girl, chances are, I barely know.

Males in general repel drama, which I guess is the other reason I hang out with them. I enjoy keeping my life as simple as possible. Keeping it simple works for me, and I honestly think it would for a lot of other girls too, if they just calmed down a bit. I’m not saying that I’m the only girl that enjoys hanging out with guys more, I just know that there seem to be a lot of the attention starved girls out there. The girls that crave attention now don’t realize it, but in six years when we are finishing college, those guys aren’t going to be looking for someone who only wants people to think about them. Which is generally what those girls who crave attention are really wanting people to think about. Guys are going to want a calm, easy to get along with, down to earth girl. If I were to give the girls that always fight over guys and crave attention any advice, it would be to just relax.

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