why we fight

September 1, 2007
By Luke Nichols, Birmingham, AL

Have They Forgotten Why We Fight? When I see the people crying out for the war to be stopped, and the people protesting, asking why their sons must die for a cause that isnÕt worth fighting for, I have to ask them why they feel this way. While I donÕt agree on the finer points on how the war should be fought, I firmly believe that while we are safe in our homes, it is the soldier, and the war in Iraq, that keeps us that way. I remember when the entire nation rose to their feet when the planes hit the World Trade Center, why is it so different now? The war has turned from righteous indignation, to a petty political dispute over oil prices. We went in to punish those who turned us out of our little shells. Most of the US had never felt the fear we felt that day. Now, when we have felt that fear, are we really going to leave? Are we going to abandon those men who have died trying to help us regain our feelings of safety? When I see that they are even considering abandoning the fight, I realize, yes, they have forgotten. So where do we go from here? If we leave, it will make our enemies think that we are weak, but we have merely forgotten why we fight. We need to get our head out of the clouds, go in with a plan, and fight to win.

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